Strikers Cricket Club From Tanzania To Visit Uganda

Strikers Cricket Club From Tanzania To Visit Uganda

By Denis Musali 

Uganda is becoming a great destination for cricket as Strikers Cricket Club from Tanzania prepares to visit the Pearl after the just concluded visit by Kaduna State from Nigeria. 

Strikers Cricket Club was formed in 2012 by Trushal Jethwa and Sanjay Bhatia with a view to provide a platform for young cricketers aged 15 to 35 and introduce the game to budding juniors aged 10+. The first XI that was registered in the DRCC league, comprised of 14 players aged under 15 years of age. As the team grew in popularity, more players joined and today the squad boasts 28 players of which 3 represent current Tanzania National team and additional 4 have represented Tanzania national team in the past.

While in Uganda Strikers will play 6 games against local clubs all on T20 format starting on 8th August till 10th August. They will play against Challengers, Aziz Damani, Ceylon Lions and Tornado Bee during their visit here. 

The games will be played at Entebbe, Kyambogo and Lugogo Cricket Ovals. 

Strikers Tour Of Uganda Fixtures. 

8/08/2019 Entebbe Cricket Oval 

Game 1 - Challengers v Strikers - 11 am 

Game 2 - Ceylon Lions v Strikers - 3pm 

09/08/2019 Kyambogo Cricket Oval 

Game 1 - KICC v Strikers - 11am 

Game 2 - Aziz Damani v Strikers - 3 pm 

10/08/2019 Lugogo Cricket Oval 

Game 1 -  Aziz Damani Development v Strikers 11 am 

Game 2 - Tornado Bee v Strikers 3 pm