Uganda Chosen As Host For The ICC Challenge League Round 2

Uganda Chosen As Host For The ICC Challenge League Round 2

By Denis Musali 

Uganda has been chosen as the next of the round of the World Challenge League Group B. The announcement was made today via an official ICC media release after the meeting of the ICC board in Dubai. 

Malaysia will host the ICC Challenge League A from 14-27 March 2020 whilst Uganda has been appointed to host ICC Challenge League B from 27 July – 9 August 2020. read part of the ICC media release. 

The World Challenge League a new format created last year to replace the old divisions is the qualification format for the 2023 World Cup. There are two groups of the Challenge league each group with six teams. By virtue of our performance in Oman last year Uganda was placed in Group B alongside neighbors Kenya, Jersey, Bermuda, Hongkong, and Italy. 

The 1st round of the Group B games will be hosted in HongKong from Nov 29th to Dec 10th. The second round that will be coming to Kampala will be hosted from July 27th to 9th August. 

This is going to be the second major tournament to be hosted by Uganda after the 2017 World Cricket League. This year Uganda successfully hosted the Africa T20 World Cup qualifiers and this announcement from the ICC shows the confidence they have in Uganda as a host. 

The opportunity to host the event helps the local association to help raise the profile of the game through the promotion of the event. 


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