Div 2 Match Review: Nile stun Budo for 1st win and Avengers falter in Jinja

Div 2 Match Review: Nile stun Budo for 1st win and Avengers falter in Jinja

Budo Oval

KC Budo 125/10 in 27.1 overs (Amos Sitenda 22(28)) lost to Nile CC 126/8 in 32 overs (Turab Allani 43(68), Vishinu Manepali 35(75)) by 2 wickets

Man of Match: Turab Allani 43(68)

With very high odds against them, Nile shocked Budo to collect their 1st win of the season at the Kings College Budo oval.

Nile came into the game as very big underdogs against a Budo side that has always has a flare for hard hitting. The Budo team always has the one strategy, hit the ball and pray to the gods that its not a miscued hit. Looks like they prayed to the wrong gods this time as everything hit did not stay hit. The only outstanding performer with the bat was Amos Sitenda 22(28) who barely held on as his teammates quickly crumbled.

With 125 to win and a small oval, Nile knew the game was theirs to lose. It however took them a massive 32 overs to finally reach the score and tie down their first win of the season. Vishnu Manepali 35(75) and Turab Allani 43(68) constantly frustrated the Budo bowlers as they batted like as though they had another 3 days to play. They bid their time, stole singles and eventually saw off the Budo challenge to seal their win.


Jinja Oval

Avengers CC 109/10 in 35.4 overs (Shadab Solkar 28(57)) lost to SKLPS CC 110/5 in 23.1 overs (Meghji Kerai 52(69) N.O, Chetan Halai 32(30)) by 5 wickets

Man of match: Meghji Kerai 52(69), 3/27 in 7 overs

A poor showing from Avengers saw them fall to SKLPS at the riverside oval in Jinja. Avengers batted so poorly that they only managed to put on a mere 109 in 35.4 over, scoring at just 3 runs an over. They gave out so many chances in the field which the SKLPS team was more than happy to receive. Shadab Solkar 28(57) proved to be the lone spark in an abysmal display from the Avengers team.

SKLPS equally faltered in their chase, losing 5 wickets in 23.1 overs before they eventually crossed the finish line. Meghji Kerai was unbeaten at 52 off 69 balls and he was ably assisted by Chetan Halai 32(30). Together, they combined to ease the pressure after losing early wickets that could have spelled trouble for them. Luckily, they still had time, time they effectively used to guarantee their win.