Unimoni National T20 Cup - KICC Host Premier And Challengers At The Lakeside Oval

Unimoni National T20 Cup - KICC Host Premier And Challengers At The Lakeside Oval

By Faith Munezero

Entebbe oval

K.I.C.C vs Premier CC

9:30 am

It was a dream start for four of the teams winning two in as many games but only one sits atop the log getting a headstart in the running for the T20 Cup 2018 i.e K.I.C.C. Their introduction into T20 courtesy of hosts Jinja SSS  and JACC saw them not only win both games, but also set a new record in the history of the league!

The morning downpour  set the stage for an eventual downpour of runs, setting 174/9 against Jinja SSS' 123/7 and unleashing a mammoth 266/2 runs against JACC's 129/9. This massive score shot them to the top of the league, leading by NRR of 4.7 but this weekend their position wi ll be shaken as their face tougher opponents for both morning and afternoon games.

K.I.C.C play hosts at the lakeside oval this time round, facing Premier CC who's solo victory in three games will be an encouragement to Hanumant and his mates. Premier's Rajesh Nair and Calvin Watuwa have been consistent with the bat and ball respectively; Rajesh's total of  99 runs in all three games, with Watuwa their leading wicket taker, picking 4 of the team's 21 total will be something the leaders will keep in mind.

K.I.C.C vs Challengers CC

3:00 pm

The gloves come off in the afternoon as K.I.C.C faces the Challengers, who pose the biggest threat to their newly acquired position in the tournament yet. Like K.I.C.C, the Challengers started off the league with a visit to Jinja where they came out winners against both home teams, posting 191/8 against Jinja SSS' 143/7 and 198/6 against JACC's 146/10.

Skipper Hamu Kayondo and Mohammed Aneef have led by example, with totals of 120 runs and 123 respectively in both games, making them the most consistent so far and most likely to upset K.I.C.C's 100% victory record. K.I.C.C intend to keep Sadam Oyaga and Joseph Oboth in check, especially  with their 6 and 5 wickets respectively out of teams total 16 wicket haul.

The hosts will look to increase their 16 wicket spell, majorly through Davis Karashani (6) and Frank Nsubuga (3) and Wasim Butt's century poses the motivation to help the team push for victory coupled with Suleiman Sharif (81 off 42 balls).

However, both sides will be missing key players as Hamu Kayondo (challengers), Irfan Afridi and Frank Nsubuga will be travelling with the cricket cranes to Oman on Sunday morning.