Unimoni National T20 Cup Preview: Junior Aziz Damani Host Senior Damani And Kutchi Tigers In Kyambogo

Unimoni National T20 Cup Preview: Junior Aziz Damani Host Senior Damani And Kutchi Tigers In Kyambogo

By Faith Munezero

ADDT vs Aziz Damani CC

9:30 am

Kyambogo oval

Aziz Damani Development Team (ADDT) has come up strong in their last two games, making shocking wins to pull from bottom place to 5th, ahead of Avengers, SKLPS and their seniors Aziz Damani. This weekend they play hosts to two of the strongest contenders for the T20 Cup title this year.


As fate would have it, the junior and senior sides will face off at the university oval in a clash that is yet to pull the brakes on the young side. ADDT come off two consecutive wins in startling wins over Africa Cricket Club (ACC) and Avengers CC. They put up 85/7 in 18.4 overs and had ACC all out for 70 runs in 13 overs and in the afternoon continued their good streak defending their score of 150/6, to have the Avengers all out for 128 runs in 18.2 overs.

Their senior brothers in Aziz Damani had a close call of their own in their afternoon game against top placed Kutchi Tigers, when a splendid last over by Isaneez Emmanuel foiled all attempts for the boundaries and sixes that had come easier before. The team went on to win by five runs, having thrown a spanner in the works for the Tigers, when Denis Tabby had Nanji Pindoria bowled on his first delivery.

Munir Ismael's 69 off 34 balls and Edwin Nuwagaba's 36 not out off 45 balls in the afternoon helped steady the early wickets' problem in the top order for ADDT. The former's 3 wicket haul could not be ignored, together with great effort from Akram Nsuubuga and skipper Yakub Ahmed leading the bowling attack but they will have to get through Mir Afzal who's all round performance has brought significant progress to the senior's side.

ADDT vs Kutchi Tigers CC

3:00 pm

The Kutch Tigers will undoubtedly want to even the score against Aziz Damani for their painful loss (Read more here: http://cricketuganda.world/index.php/videos/31-men-s-t20/626-unimoni-national-men-s-t20-league-aziz-damani-grab-vital-wins-against-strikers-and-kutchi-tigers) by covering their bases when they face ADDT in the afternoon.

The Tigers have worked their way to top of the Log in Group B, being the proverbial thorn in the side for every team except for the Strikers, the junior side should expect nothing less. Having quickly chased low scores against ACC, Avengers, Ceylon Lions, and Aziz Damani.

Dhansuk Jesani has continuously performed with the bat, getting the much needed runs together with all rounder Nanji Pindoria vital contributions.  ADDT

Kutchi Tigers have been a force to reckon with in the group and the uphill task could not be tougher for the hosts but the energy and confidence in their last games might be just the check needed to either affirm or destabilize their position as number one.