Unimoni National T20 Cup: Youthful ADDT Schooled By Aziz Damani and Kutchi Tigers

Unimoni National T20 Cup: Youthful ADDT Schooled By Aziz Damani and Kutchi Tigers

Kyambogo oval

Results summary:

Aziz Damani Development Team (ADDT) 114/9 in 20 overs (Anas Baig 30 off 39 balls, Nuwagaba E 29 off 18 balls) lost to Aziz Damani CC 165/4 in 20 overs (Mir Afzal 65* off 37 balls, Jarlan M 36* off 30 balls, Hashahya E 3/15 in 3 overs) by 51 runs

Player of the match: Mir Afzal (Aziz Damani)

The seniors provided just the check the junior ADDT in their progress at the T20 tournament. While Aziz Damani had it easier dispatching their contenders, the youngsters tested their seniors when even after 16 overs, they had just reached the triple digit mark. Previously, Damani's game against Kutchi Tigers saw them score 96 runs in 10 overs in an action packed game that went on until the last ball.  

Aziz Damani won the toss, opting to bat. With a slow beginning, the wickets were plenty but the runs slow in coming until the last leg of the innings when Mir Afzal's knock of 65 off 37 balls propelled the team to a safer score from the energetic lads. Assisted by Jarlan, the last four overs saw more boundaries and maximums than the first 10 overs had.

ADDT had Anas Baig open the batting and persevering until the 17th over before his wicket fell, assisted by Lubwama who steadied ship in the middle order due to early wickets while the 2/10 bowling spell kept their seniors stagnated in the previous overs.

The 10 - man Aziz Damani army that featured their CEO Siva Koti, despite the fielding with a player short, won the game in the end. Mr Koti's bowling efforts in the last effort saw him concede just two runs, with a no ball that became a wicket when it bounced twice and hit the distracted batsman's middle stump to the amusement of all present.

Aziz Damani Development Team (ADDT) 71/9 in 11 overs by D/L (Munir Ismail 16 off7 balls, Nuwagaba E 2/12 in 3 overs) lost to Kutchi Tigers 72/2 (Nanji Pindoriya 28 off 17 balls, Dhanshukh Jesani 28 off 18 balls and 2/8 in 3 overs) in 10.2 overs by 8 wickets.

Player of the match: Dhanshukh Jesani (Kutchi Tigers)

The day was not over yet for ADDT, who had to face the lead contender for the T20 Cup title in Group B in the afternoon. Despite more than 100 minutes of rain interruption after scheduled time of play, the Kutchi Tigers were able to escape the scathing fate of a washout and have all of 11 overs to win another game.

ADDT lost the toss and having to bat first, made a great start moving at seven runs per over. However, the youngsters' zeal to put on runs whatever the cost, became their undoing when some ill thought runs resulted in run outs. As many as four dismissals were due to run outs, many of which could have been easily avoided.

Munir Ismail was the only one to put on a double digit score before the curse of early wickets, coupled with a flailing lower order that had all but one out by innings' end. With little time to waste, Kutchi Tigers were back in to chase their biggest score they've had throughout the tournament, in about half the standard overs. ADDT's Nuwagaba did some damage to the Tigers who despite the wickets' stock, were running behind the required run rate. At 8 overs, the Tigers' team on the sidelines were anxious when boundaries were few, with the youngsters fielding limiting then to one or two runs otherwise.

The 10th over saw them at a point the Kutchi Tigers knew all too well; needing 7 runs in an over to win. However, while the Tigers lost before, this time the juniors suffered the damage when a shot on first delivery of the last over saw 6 runs to the relief of a very anxious teammates. A single on the next ball sealed the innings for the Tigers, who won by a close shave. ADDT has continuously impressed in the shorter format and the top two teams definitely passed this much needed test.