Jazz Safari Ladies’ Div II Match Preview: Soroti Challengers Look To Extend Winning Streak

Jazz Safari Ladies’ Div II Match Preview: Soroti Challengers Look To Extend Winning Streak

By Faith Munezero

Saturday, October 6th, 2018

Jinja S.S.S Cricket Oval

11:30 am

Players to Watch

Tornado Bees

  1. Jasmine Nabulya
  2. Naomi Mbwali

Soroti Challengers

  1. Eunice Alungat
  2. Christine Anayo
  3. Evelyn Anyipo

The Tornado Bees will be kicking off their second round of the season with a fixture against the unbeaten Soroti Challengers. Winning four of their seven matches, the Bees sit third in the league close to rivals Ceylon Lions CC and Premier CC who are equally vying for a promotion slot. They face tough opponents in the Challengers who have continued the winning streak from first to second round.

The last time the two teams faced each other, the Soroti Challengers came out on top with a nine wicket win that saw them chase the Bees’ paltry score of 29 runs in nine overs. The Challengers were merciless in their bowling, with Evelyn Anyipo (4/6) and Edith Achimo (4/3) leaving irreparable damage to the helpless batsmen.

But it is the impressive batting display of the Soroti Challengers that will be the biggest cause for worry to the Bees side, averaging just over 120 runs in all matches that they set.

Eunice Alungat will be the one to look out for from the Challengers side, a rising star who opened the second round with a century against JACC and 38 off 58 runs against Ceylon Lions. All-rounder Christine Anayo will also be key to continuing the good run with her most recent contribution of 36 off 60 balls and 3 wicket haul for 8 runs.

Tornado Bee will rely on all-rounders Jasmine Nabulya and Naomi Mbwali to lead the attack this Saturday against a side that has had nothing but victory so far, and will either ease or resist the Challengers in their pursuit this weekend.