Road To Cricket Week - Davis Karashani Shares His Cricket Week Moments

Road To Cricket Week - Davis Karashani Shares His Cricket Week Moments

By Denis Musali

The annual schools' cricket week started in 1939 is a highlight for many many young players as they spend a week competing amongst themselves for the bragging rights of the best cricket playing school in the country. Busoga College Mwiri are record winners having won the title 16 times but a shift in power has meant that they play second fiddle to their Jinja rivals Jinja SSS in the recent past. 

We had a brief chat with former cricket cranes Captain Davis Karashani who featured for Ntare School and Busoga College Mwiri about his cricket week days.

Here is the full detail of the interview. 

Qn : Schools

Ans : Ntare School (1999 - 2002) and Busoga College Mwiri (2003 - 2004)

Qn : Championships 

Ans : 2003 & 2004 with Mwiri

Qn; Individual Awards 

Ans; Best bowler 2002

Qn; Favorite Opponent

Ans; Kings College Budo

Qn; Favorite Ground

Ans; Lugogo

Qn; Most Fierce School 

Ans; Jinja SS class of 2002, team had Kyobe Arthur, Charles Waiswa, Emmanuel Isaneez all at the peak of their powers. 

Qn; Toughest opponent 

Ans; Isaneez Emmanuel

Qn; School Rivarly 

Ans; No particular rivalry in my days but must say, games against Budo were always highly billed but never saw the fuss they were always such a big mismatch

Qn; Impressive players

Ans; Ngolobe Denis (Buddo), Kigozi Steve, Byansi Edgar (Ntare School), (Ndejje) & Hamza Saleh - they were miles ahead of their time

Qn; Cricket Week Moments

Ans; Made lots of friends on n off e field of play the respect shown on the battlefield allowed me a friendly relationship with literally everyone I ever played with and against

Qn; Now and Then

Ans; Then the quality was very high as literally every participating team had a real top quality match winning player but with equally formidable teammates now is absolutely different, the difference in quality is soooo wide in individuals and teams! Today one would struggle to identify a cricket week player and slot him into club cricket. This must change and the development committee is underway to change this trend and get cricket week close to its glory days